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CELEBRATING 24 YEARS: Supporting the Families in Our Community
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Our Coastal Kids...

...are natural explorers among fresh food and clean air

...know the true meaning of "organic,"

...understand the power and calm of the ocean,

...reflect the magic of the coastline.

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What CMC means to me:
It is so nice of the club to ask me to write a few words about what CMC means to me. Here goes: My family is going through the hardest thing imaginable right now. I honestly don't know how I would be able to make it through this without the CMC support. The meals and housekeeping are helpful of course but the real support has come from the numerous emails I have received from many members, some I know, but mostly strangers. I can honestly say that I cried reading each and everyone of them. Thank you fellow Mamas for encouraging me to be strong and to show me that I need not go through this alone.
Christine Hallet Mom to Julian and Dashiell 15 months
When we moved to Half Moon Bay a few years ago from Atlanta we didn't know a soul or have any family here. My daughter was 2 1/2 at the time and we needed to find friends fast! I was told about CMC and joined right away. I was impressed with the website, the events, and how well organized it looked. But I really had no idea how much it would add to our lives. We felt welcomed and part of the group right away. I cherish the friendships and connections we've made through CMC. I joined the board the following year which enriched my experience even more. I can't speak highly enough about CMC and the true sense of community, support, friendship and fun my family and I have enjoyed these past few years.
Charity Secord, Former President CMC
Almost nine years after joining the club, I still discover new member benefits – such as my children’s deep-rooted interest in community service. Anneka and Bordy regularly ask questions about helping others or getting involved in causes that capture their attention. And I know it is because, through CMC, we had so many opportunities to support local people and projects.f Thank you, CMC, for helping to inspire future philanthropists!
Kristen O'Brien, member since 2005
Let's do something to earn money for our schools!
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