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What could be more important than your child's education.  Each child is unique and only you know what's best for them.  The CMC is committed to bringing you information to help select the appropriate schools -- preschools and kindergartens -- for your child.  




Preschool Open House

Since 1994 we have hosted a Preschool Open House which allows you an opportunity to visit participating preschools and child care facilities from Montara to Half Moon Bay. It is an opportunity to view the facilities, meet the directors and teachers, review curriculum, pick up enrollment forms and inquire about waiting lists.  This is offered in the Spring of each year.  Look for information about the next open house beginning with the January newsletter.


Preschool Directory

In conjunction with the Preschool Open House, the CMC publishes a Preschool Directory which lists approximately 20 daycares and preschools on the coast from Montara to Half Moon Bay.  For each facility, the directory includes such information as name, address, enrollment requirements, adult-to-child ratios, ages served, hours of operation, and school philosophy.  To download a copy of the current directory, see the Resources section below.



Kindergarten Roundtable

Did you know there are ten kindergarten and elementary school programs on the coastside? Wouldn't you love to hear a perspective about the schools directly from other parents? Since 2001, the CMC has presented "A Parent Perspective: Schools on the Coastside" a roundtable discussion where parents who have children in elementary schools share their personal decisions and experiences about their chosen schools. Some of the topics discussed have included school size (ranging from 48 to over 500 students), enrichment programs (such as music, art and drama), parental involvement, fundraising and curriculum objectives (like math, science and reading).   This event occurs each year in February.   To see a report on this years' event, see the Resources section below.




Click here, Education Documents, to download any of the most recent versions of the following documents: 

  • Preschool Directory Lists approximately 20 daycares and preschools on the coast from Montara to Half Moon Bay.
  • Choosing a Kindergarten: An informative article about selecting a kindergarten.
  • Resource Sheet -- Schools on the Coastside: A list of public and private elementary schools on the coastside.
  • Resource Sheet - Non Coastside Private Schools: A list of non-coastside private schools. 
  • Kindergarten Roundtable Report: A brief summary of our most recent kindergarten roundtable event.
  • Kindergarten Registration:  Information on the most recent deadlines for kindergarten registration.

For more information or if you have questions, contact our Education Coordinator.