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Job Description

The In-a-Pinch Coordinator actively seeks members in need of a helping hand due to events such as the birth of a baby, illness or death in the family or other life-changing events. The coordinator organizes CMC members who have volunteered to provide assistance in the form of services that include, but are not limited to: meal preparation, transportation, babysitting, running errands, and mom-to-mom support. The In-a-Pinch Coordinator will also act as a Pregnant Mom Liaison. She will create a standard message in the newsletter encouraging pregnant mothers to list their due date on the Club Questions section of their Profile. She will put the pregnant mom in touch with our Playgroup Coordinators so the mom can join a playgroup before the baby is born. When the new baby arrives, she will update the Member's Profile with the baby's name and birthdate (the member will just be too preoccupied at this point to do this herself).